Mini-Review: The Queen of Sinister by Mark Chadbourn (Gollancz)


The Queen of Sinister by Mark Chadbourn
Published by Gollancz

I’ve just finished The Queen of Sinister and I can’t wait until I start The Hounds of Avalon.

Mark Chadbourn‘s writing is compulsive and his plotting tight and complex. He is also thoughtful and the world he has created is both fantastical and grounded in the human spirit; as the novel explores what it is to be human and what we can achieve is we think beyond what we are.

There are lots of twists and turns along the way. Even though you can consider this a stand alone novel. It follows on from the Age of Misrule
trilogy as well as the first in the The Dark Age Trilogy. I would wholeheartedly reading them from the beginning especially for the scene in the Royal Mile.

This is one of the best fantasy series ever written.

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