Review: Looking for Mr Piggy-Wig by Andy Secombe

Title: Looking for Mr Piggy-Wig
Author: Andy Secombe
Publisher: Macmillan
Published: 18 July 2008
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It’s twenty years after the ‘New’ Battle of Britain, and rationing is still in force. Our hero, Jack Lindsay, is a private investigator of the old school If he has a weakness, apart from a fondness for garibaldi biscuits, it is for a woman with a sob story – and one has just walked into his office, and into his life. Jack finds himself becoming embroiled in a worldwide criminal conspiracy involving gun-smuggling, political assassination, and a chain of burger outlets.


All the best private investigator stories start with a beautiful woman walking into an office and bringing with them nothing but trouble or maybe that’s just the impression I’ve picked up from the few that I’ve read. That’s what happens to Jack Lindsay and he finds himself into a lot of trouble.

Andy Secombe sets the tone at the start with the banter between Lindsey and his assistant Mango Pinkerton and Jack’s description of the arrival of Marian into the office. You can see that Secombe loves word play and enjoys a surreal sense of humour.

And that sense of fun continues with the rollercoaster of a trip that takes place following that meeting. Secombe keeps everything moving with Jack and the reader thrown in the deep end.  With its futuristic setting Secombe has been able to create a world that’s familiar but at the same time surreal and hopefully our actual future. Thankfully policing doesn’t seem to have changed much and I’m not saying if that’s a good or a bad thing. You’ll have to read it to find out.

There is a lovely mix of characters from Mango with his extreme sense of fashion to Detective Sergeant Lana O’Hara who adds a lot of tension and offers of relief to Jack’s time in the office.  The quest for garibaldis ensures we know what Jack finds important.

I loved every second of it.


A 21st century detective story that’ll keep you reading and entertained until the end.  And hopefully it’s not the end of Jack Lindsey and Mango Pinkerton as I’d love to read more.


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