I have mentioned that this contains spoilers right? And it is going to. I hate spoilers in my reviews and in anyone else’s for that matter! Whilst I’m not going to away any major plot points or anything that will ruin it I know some people like knowing more than I generally reveal so by discussing my current reading I thought it might go a little deeper and help those who want a bit of meat without ruining it for those that don’t.

If you don’t like spoilers please wait for the review.

Russel Kirkpatrick is telling the Path of Revenge so far through the combination of four different view points and I doubt that is going to change by the end. Firstly we get a glimpse of Husk who’s it seems is the puppet master behind the events manipulating The Fisherman, the Queen and the Cosmographer so he can carry out his plan.

The strong point of this style of story telling is that it allows a large story to be multifaceted and to see varying perspectives.  The downside is that you have to keep the same level of  intrigue in all threads otherwise you run the risk of readers latching on to their favourite threads and getting annoyed when less liked threads reappear. In my experience this leads to skipping sections and ultimate abandonment.

Not that I’ve experience this so far Kirkpatrick has managed to leave each character on a high and make each section strong in it’s own right. Not that there couldn’t be a little bit of culling of some bits just to bring the length down. Kirkpatrick

I do have one problem and it involves magic and a scene where something of little value suddenly has a weight that it didn’t carry before but somehow all that is forgotten in subsequent scenes – at least in the sense of danger holding such an object did and should have.

See I can’t do it. I can’t spoil it.

With 200 pages to go I’m in for the long hall. Kirkpatrick seems to be holding quite a few things back and is quite good at revealing them at the right moment. There are three separate quests that I hope are going to be if not concluded at least have a peak by the end.

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