Mini Review: A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett (Corgi)

A  Hatful of SkyWhen I was sixteen Terry Pratchett started my reading journey. The Discworld has to be the best fantasy setting of all time. It’s allowed so many stories to be told and so many great characters like Rincewind, Vines, the Librarian and Death grow from book to book.

A few years ago Terry ventured into Young Adult territory through the Discworld with The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents (it won a Carnegie Medal in 2001) before bringing back the Witches in Wee Free Men (I’m a big witches fan). A Hat full of Sky is its sequel.

Tiffany now has to learn what it is to be a witch and magic doesn’t really come into it.

It’s a great skill of a writer to tell a story with strong morals without making it feel preachy. Terry has the rule show not tell nailed down.

Eleven year-old Tiffany learns that being a witch isn’t about power and it’s definitely not about stars. Terry has so many little touches that make this a wonderful story like how Rob’s wife reacts to Rob’s request to protect Tiffany, Miss Levels complicated living arrangement and the relationship with the the Land.

I’d recommend A Hat Full of Sky to anyone that loves intelligent fantasy, likes to see true character development and to anyone that want to see Granny Weatherwax at her best.

But I’d read Wee Free Men first.

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