UnReview: The Secret War by M. F .Curran (Tor)

The Secret War by M.F.W. Curran (Tor)

Why is this an unreview? Well after 249 pages. I’ve given up. I’ve given up as my eyes are starting to scan and my mind is wandering. Never a good sign when reading a book. So this is an unreview as I haven’t finished it but I thought that you might want to hear some of my thoughts and impressions. It’s not a bad book but it really wasn’t doing anything for me.

The trouble with The Secret War is that nothing that exciting has happened. Two soldiers get attacked after recovering from Waterloo. The creature they fight leads them into a Secret War that involves them travelling to Rome, discovering a secret Order, which has it’s own Saint to boot.

All very exciting, but that’s a summery of 250 pages and I don’t think that I’ve given that much away.

It feels like a very long introduction and I’m struggling to keep going. And as I’m a fickle soul I’m off to seek excitement elsewhere.

Though it’s probably better to check out Graeme’s actual review as he thought it had enough to keep him hooked and involved.

Though I’m having trouble finding other reviews…

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