Review: Eagle Rising by David Devereux (Gollancz)


Eagle Rising by David Devereux
Published by Gollancz and out now

Well Jack’s back after battling Lesbian Terrorist Witches in Hunter’s Moon. This time Jack, Undercover Secret Service World Saving Magician, has to a stop a bunch of Neo-Nazi crazies who want to clean up England into something a bit more ordered and controlled, whilst only being a wonderful place to live if you have the right background and breeding – blonde hair and blue eyes might help.

A series is always a strange beast. You generally want as a reader something that is the same but different. And Eagle Rising holds no surprises, so if you liked the first one you’ll like this one.

This one for me did have one slight difference. The level of violence and gruesome detail.  For Jack to keep his cover he has to do some unpleasant things – the beating of an innocent couple for example did have my stomach churning.

Devereux though doesn’t make it gratuitous or violence for violence sake in fact he uses these scenes to emphasise that behind those cold eyes Jack has a heart and a soul that cares, even if it has to be locked away to get the job done. A job that involves more gruesome tasks than is healthy.

Secondary characters are also reintroduced with one surprise that unsettles and complicates the mission that was going quite well until then.

I am quite starting to like Jack in spite of his methods. He is a character that has a job that needs doing and someone has to do and thankfully he’s on the side of good guys is merciful thing.

Overall Devereux is doing a great job in carving out his niche in an already crowded market. I have to say that it might not be to everyone’s taste. But if you have a strong stomach and you like action over in-depth character development this is for you.

Oh, and you can also play spot the blogger as their name-sake makes a brilliant guest appearance.

Plus Jack is back in Turnabout and I’ll be making sure I get hold of a copy.

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