Intro: Short Story Month

May is Short Story Month on NextRead. I’ve piled 25 plus collections of short stories on my desk in preparation for Short Story Month. My plan is to revisit stories that I’ve loved so I can share them and explore some of the many wonderful tales that I’ve not had chance to read.

The collections are a mix of themes like Extraordinary Engines – The Definite Steampunk Anthology to the new collection Journeys by Ian R Macleod that’s not out until the end of August.

They are mostly genre, more fantasy the science fiction and contain a mix of names from the bestselling to the first published. The collections come from big publishers to small press.

The sad thing is that even though I think that one short story can be worth the price of a collection I’m not sure that mainstream buyers share that view, at least if anecdotal evidence is anything to do by.

But that doesn’t stop writers from writing them or from the appearing all over the internet or from publishers like PS Publishing making them a core part of their catalogue.

This month I’m going to be sharing reviews and comments from some lovely people that have agreed to help me and I’m going to try and cover as wide a range as I can.

That’s it really. I hope you enjoy this month’s theme.

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