SSM Review: Killing the Dead by Ian Sales (Edison’s Frankenstein Postscripts 20/21)

Title: Killing the Dead
Author: Ian Sales
Collection: Edison’s Frankenstein (Postscripts #20/21)
Editor(s): Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Publisher: PS Publishing
Release Date: Dec 2009 in Traycased HB/Jacketed HB

Someone is blowing up the mausoleums. Inspector Dante Darwen has to investigate though the dead and their bodies don’t matter at the minute. They might in the future when the generation starship reaches its destination.

I was, at the start, a little confused by the talk of nexuses. I couldn’t quite place the scenery and still can’t. But I could place the people and the emotions and the thoughts behind them.

The idea of a terrorist on a generation starship is something new to me. It didn’t happen to Douglas Adam’s Golgafrincham Ark Fleet Ship B, a ship of Golgafrincham’s useless “middle-men”. Though in their case they probably should of done.

The bodies that are destroyed by the terrorists represent useful skills needed in the future like seismology, xenobiology, and hydrologist.

The question is why are they keeping all these bodies? Are they doing to reanimate them? Or are they just relics that are draining their previous resources? And what happens to policemen when they arrive at their destination? Is it worth solving these crimes?

Killing the Dead is a quick clever tale that asks a serious question about what is important to humanity when traveling across the stars for journeys that will take unknown generations to complete.

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