SSM Review: Second Wind by Mike Carey (Zombie)

Title: Second Wind
Author: Mike Carey
Link: n/a
Collection: Zombie: An Anthology of the Undead
Publisher: piatkus
Release Date: Out Now

It’s a strange new world. The dead are rising. If you die there is a chance you might not stay dead. When a high flying stock broker starts having heart attacks he starts planning the continuation of his life. Nicky describes that transition from living man to dead zombie and tells us about the person that tries to share his new home.

For fans of Felix Castor this is Nicky Heath’s origin story. It gives glimpses into his warm blooded life before he became Castors go to guy. But without that connection it still works. If you are rich and have money then it shows how you can survive a zombie transformation under Carey’s zombie rules, where your consciousness comes back into dying and rotting body.

Carey adds the twist of a human companion to Nicky’s new cold and isolated world. It’s a good little exploration of the human psyche to see how they interact and the roles they take as is made very clear in the end.

Fans are going to get a real kick out of this one but those who haven’t discovered Castor after reading are going to be setting up false names and accounts so they can get their money when they come back from the dead.

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