SSM Review: The End of the World Show by David Barnett (The Janus House and Other Two-Faced Tales)

TitleThe End of the World Show
AuthorDavid Barnett
Link: n/a
CollectionThe Janus House and Other Two-Faced Tales
PublisherImmanion Press
Release Date: Out Now

The aliens are leaving. Not that we knew there were here in the first place. Our first acknowledgement is when they are seen on TV briefly before flying off. And why are they leaving? The world is about to end.

A good narrator can, as I said before, take me anywhere they like. I do get a little annoyed if they take me nowhere but most of the time that trust is rewarded.

Our narrator describes how he, and the snippets of the rest of the world) reacts over the seven days it takes for the world to end. And it goes like you’d expect. People go off into the country. In the cities they start looting and generally reverting to the animals we are.

But our narrator takes a more moderate approach. He picks up enough ready meals to last rather a week than enough meat, bread and milk to feed a primary school (and people do, think about when the shops are closed for Christmas).

He also stays put which is a little dangerous but there is no point in keeping things like money or an expensive TVs so why not let the looters take it?

I really enjoyed this especially Mrs Potter having to strand at the back.

It’s not a perfect tale but plenty of nice touches and humour that makes it worth reading.


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Edited by Mike Ashley
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