SS Review: Tag, You’re It by Melissa Mead (Daily Science Fiction)

Title: Tag, You’re It
Author: Melissa Mead
Collection: n/a
Publisher: Daily Science Fiction
Release Date: This story was first published on Thursday, September 9th, 2010


….Something else rose out of the mist below the skylight. A lost soul, indistinct, almost translucent. The soul turned and smiled at the old devil.

“Let’s play Hide-and-Tag,” it said. It pointed over the edge of the storage platform at the blue-green dot of the Earth below. “You go down there and hide, and I’ll find you.”


One of my favourite Disney moments is from Sword in the Stone where Merlin and Mad Madam Mim challenge each other to a Wizards’ Duel with each trying to out transform each other.

Tag, You’re It takes on that same feeling of mental challenge as the two devise ways of hiding from each other as only a devil and a lost soul can. I enjoyed the mythic quality to it as well as playfulness of the ideas. Not a lot more I can say as it’s just about 700 words long but worth a read.

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