Review: X-Men Schism #1 of 5 (Marvel Comics)/A Re-Introduction to the X-Men?

X-Men Schism

One of the things I love about my iPad and the embracing of it by various developers is that it becomes something different each time I open an app (though I do have several apps that do the same thing slightly differently). One app that I’ve been toying with is Comixology and it’s Marvel and DC Comics variants which instantly turns my iPad in any comic they offer. And they offer quite a few.

It seems like a good time to be getting back into comics as DC are going digital and print simaltantiously from Septembers relaunch/push/refire event – New 52. And finally Marvel instead of just filling up their iPad app with old (but none the less worthy comics) are actually releasing books closer to their print release. So I feel confident in commiting to X-Men Schism for at least five issues and we’ll see if that reignites my love of the X-Men (it helps to know I have two or three thousand comics in four long boxes with a good percentage of those X-Men from 1995 to 2002-ish).

So what do I find? There are only 200 mutants left and they live on the Island Uptopia. Scott Summers and a grumbling Wolverine head off to a U.N. International Arms Control Conference only to have Scott’s speach derailed and a humanity/mutant stand off occur.

The X-Men has always been an interesting idea for a comic book series because as mutants they are something to be feared. They have unimaginable (and sometimes unbelievable powers) that in the Marvel Universe are seen as the next stage of human evoluation. What’s different with the status quo played out in Schism #1 is that humanity definitely think they have the upperhand in some ways but are also petrofied of the power that 200 mutants can contain.

I’ve missed the events that changed their world from having millions of mutants to this comparitive handful and have only seen few mutants I know so far but I’m looking forward to seeing how this split happens. There a hints later on about how it’s going to arise. I already know that Scott and Logan go their seperate ways and it shows something about the power of the events to come because there is a scene which shows you the heart of their relationship blow the banter that they have on the surface.

The art and colouring is excellent and really captured the right clean comic art feel that I prefer and that makes me thing of the model comic look. Some nice touches like Iceman on the beach sitting in a puddle of ice/water.

The cover of Issue 2 has two of my favourite X-Men Rogue and Colossus. Things are definitely getting interesting.

Issue 2 Preview

X men schism 2 frank cho

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