It’s been a funny old month this month. And a quiet blogging one.

Partly that’s due to me spending one week filled full of cold/flu and being a little doolally and then taking another week to get over it.

I’ve also had a couple of projects on the go.

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One being The Readers Podcast as you’ve seen by couple of posts that I’ve managed to put up. I’m having a great time recording with Simon. We get on too well really as editing the thing down is much more time consuming than I though it would be. I’ve just completed episode 3 for final approval, which should be up tomorrow, and it was supposed to be up Monday. But it has a great interview with Ian Rankin! And I got chance to interview Paul Magrs for next weeks’s Spooky Special!.

Another project is the getting some projects in for HandeBooks, my ebook creation venture. I  was lucky enough to work on the ebook conversion for the International Rescue Corp charity book, which you can now buy on Amazon.


I’m now working on the ebook of Pandemonium: Stories of the Apocalypse.

The collection features eighteen original stories set at the end of the world, as imagined by science fiction and fantasy writers such as Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Lauren Beukes, Jonathan Oliver, Sophia McDougall and Chrysanthy Balis.

Though frustratingly I haven’t had time to read it!

I have though managed other bits of reading:

  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
  • Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker
  • Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

to name a few.

And I’m cracking on with:

Engaging the Enemy by Elizabeth Moon and Thud! by Terry Pratchett.

The current reads are a bit of a comfort thing to get my mojo flowing and it’s working as a mop up from reading funk that I mentioned in Episode One of The Readers.

I’m getting really excited all the new books by my TBR after just indulging myself for a bit in my and not feeling like I have to blog about them.

Though I do want to review Bruno as it’s a cracking find of French centred crime.

Look for more reviews and posts soon as I’m back!




2 Thoughts on “Catching Up: Podcasting, eBooks, Reading and Stuff

  1. How you can have so many books on the go is beyond me. I’m going to try and up the ante on my reading next month, so hopefully I can do something similar.

    Loving the Readers podcasts too, you and Simon have some cracking banter going :)

    • Gav Reads on 27 October, 2011 at 9:02 pm said:

      It’s if I read one I’ll get to a point where I need a break so switching seems to work though once I get in a grove I’m monogamous to the one book for a while!

      Thanks re The Reader – the third episode was a pain in the bum! I’m having a great time! And glad you are enjoying it!

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