Mini Review: Dark Matter by Michelle Paver (Orion)

Dark Matter: A Ghost Story

Jack Miller has written a journal. The first entry being 7th January 1937 when tells of going to the Strand to meet Algie Carlisle, Hugo Charteris-Black, Teddy Wintringham and Gus Balfour for an interview about a position on an expedition to the Arctic.  It ends on the 22nd November. Over those few months we see Jack prepare for then experience an attempt to overwinter on Gruhhuken.

To say too much would spoil the revelations as this ghost story is based on the slow unraveling of Jack as the expedition starts to unravel.  The diary format brings some intimacy  to events though takes away their immediacy.

Now I’ve talked to people that were completely absorbed until the end and then there are a few people like me that found it turned at one point and even though it was still compelling the background tension fell away.

Saying that though I did great it in fits and starts and it really is one of those novels that needs to read over as few sittings as possible. And despite the shift in tone I still find the idea and some of the moments truly haunting.

I need to mention that I read the hardback edition and missed out on the black and white photos which are also said to enhance the experience.

Well worth reading if you are in a spooky mood.


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