The thing about being away from home is that things get dusty when you are away. And unless you have someone else in to live in your house blog or pop in there to give it an airing there isn’t a lot you can do about that.

I haven’t physically been away though a potential house move could have meant I was but I have been mentally elsewhere (and potentially moving certainly didn’t help my focus).

Mentally I’ve been gearing up for The Readers Summer Book Club, which is a bit more of a challenge than I thought. We have The Last Werewolf episode in the bag ready for Monday (I’ll have a review on here on Monday too). Simon and I’m are like swans – graceful on the top and franticly kicking underneath. I wouldn’t not do it though as it’s great fun.

So much fun that I’m launching another one soon:

SF Shrapnel - A Short Short Speculative Fiction Podcast

I’ve got a pile of pretty covers that I want to share. Hopefully that won’t get boring when I start sharing.

I’ve been watching the reaction to a post by John Scalzi on Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is. And the exploring idea of writing about the other (the other being works that centre on cultures or characters that don’t share the writer’s background). I’m hoping to get some thoughts together about those and other topics for a few blog posts.

China Mieville’s Railsea is out tomorrow and I really can’t let too long go without uploading a review. Fingers crossed it’ll be early next week.

I’m going to be popping back more often to keep the dust away and I think the next post is a good way of giving the blog an airing:

Where do authors get their validation in an age of self-publishing?

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