It’s almost half way through the year so I thought I’d ask twitter what they though was good to read this year so far and this is what I got back:


Best book of year so far? Eagle of the 12th (MC Scott),then Bring Up the Bodies (Mantle), Testimony (Smythe), Vespasian 2 (Fabbri)


HHhH, quietly gripping and just about avoids becoming entangled by its own cleverness. reading Teleportation Accident and wondering if it can do the same.


Best book I’ve read this year? @Patrick_Ness’ Topics About Which I Know Nothing (2005)


The Testimony by @jpsmythe

Why The Testimony? It’s a perfect rendition of the self-caused breakdown of human society, brillianty told through several POVs.


Its Madeline Miller’s The Song Of Achilles absolutely stunning


If this year then Angelmaker. Railsea’s close behind though.

Oh you wanted a why? ‘Cause it’s bonkers in the best way, and what first looks like chaos is really intricacy+exuberance


Favourite book released this year? Alchemist of Souls by @AnneLyle. Favourite book read but not written this year – Oryx & Crake


Oscar and Lucinda: flawlessly researched, brilliantly realised, beautiful, lyrical & melancholy masterpiece of postcolonial


oh book of year Satantango

other notable , three strong women , dublinesque and a death in the family been great year so far


Blue Remembered Earth by Reynolds. Great optimistic SF adventure set in an interesting future.


S J Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep – simply the best book I’ve read in ages


On balance, probably Parker Bilal’s The Golden Scales – fascinating character, bursting with themes, perfect setting


Diving Belles by Lucy Wood – fabulous, magical collection of stories.


HHhH by Laurent Binet. Original, beautifully-written and intensely gripping. Going to be a hard one to beat.


@MattGCraig Although THE STREET SWEEPER by Elliot Perlman gets very close.

What have you been reading? ¬†What’s your best new book of the year so far?

3 Thoughts on “Zeitgeist: What Are Your Favourite New Reads of the Year So Far?

  1. I’d agree with some others that of recently published books I’ve read this year the best so far is Laurent Binet’s HHhH. However best book I’ve read this year was a re-read from years ago, Primo Levi’s If This Is A Man.

  2. Jojo Moyes Me Before You is my favourite new read for the year and an older read was Legacy by Susan Kay. I would have said that I was all Tudored out but that one was an excellent historical fiction read.

  3. thanks for the mention Gav

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