“This week’s Shelf Candy features the beautiful cover for Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan.  The artist is UK-based Simon ‘Pye’ Parr, head designer for Solaris Books.  The cover is perfect – the explosion of feathers, the blood splatters for wings, and the the shadowy figure in the center all let you know this is a dark urban fantasy with angels that aren’t necessarily playing harps. It’s a standout cover, so I was excited when Pye agreed to visit the blog and answer some questions about his work, the process for designing the Blood and Feathers cover, and what his motto is for leading a more reflective life.  ”

(Via: shewolfreads)

Great interview. Very insightful.

One Thought on “Link: Shewolfreads Interviews Cover Designer Simon “Pye” Parr

  1. None of my buying for the cover purchases have let me down yet!

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