It’s with very mixed feelings I’m announcing that I’m no longer accepting review copies on GavReads. It doesn’t mean I’m ceasing to blog or that I’m stopping recording The Readers with Simon. It just means that they’ll feature a different set of books (a lot of older review copies most likely!).

And the reason? It’s complicated.

It’s been a blast being at the front of the wave seeing and reading all the new books before come out. Now I’m looking forward to working through the books I’ve already got plus the 60-odd I’ve bought that have waited for far too long on my Kindle.

Thanks for everyone who has kept me fed with fresh fish…I mean books! ;)

4 Thoughts on “Thanks For All The Fish

  1. Good luck with whatever you do!

    And catching up with lots of already out there books is no bad thing!

  2. This kind of post often seems to precede an announcement that someone has a new job – congratulations if so!

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