Voyager classics


I didn’t realise they’d look like this! I think I might be turning back to books as physical objects of beauty (but don’t tell Simon).

On the 28th March these beautiful covers (attached to physical books) will be released by Harper Voyager in the UK:

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6 Thoughts on “Updated: Cover Art: Harper Voyager Special Editions

  1. These are gorgeous. Can’t wait to pick up the I, Robot one.

  2. Oh gorgeous! Definitely going to have to at least get hold of this edition of The Hobbit.

  3. I saw the GoT cover and thought the minimalism was a bit pants. Now I see it’s part of a series, I’d quite like to get the lot of them :)


  4. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen that copy of the Hobbit in Waterstones already. Has that one been released early?

    Great covers though! Very tempted by the Asimov

    • Gav Reads on 18 January, 2013 at 11:37 am said:

      Yeah, I think it was bought out for the film as I’ve seen it on sale online too. But it’s part of the set and looks nice nonetheless :D

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