There is something in the air but I’m really fascinated hearing authors talk about their books. What do you think? Do you like hearing from the author? Does it attract you or put you off a book?

3 Thoughts on “Video: Sam Thompson discusses Communion Town and his literary influences

  1. I do like hearing from the author – I find it often adds further depth to my reading of the book – to know a bit more about what they were intending. Sam doesn’t give that much in this short clip but still good to hear what he likes to read. I found Communion Town pretty good, but feel sure he has better yet to come!

    • Gav Reads on 10 February, 2013 at 6:33 pm said:

      I read the opening few pages as someone on twitter said they hated the voice – but I found it quite good – did you like the different authors? I think it has different ones at least.

  2. I liked the different narrators, some stood out more than others, but the downside was that I felt I wanted to stick with one or two rather than keep moving on. It felt a bit like Sam was trying out different things – perhaps understandable with a debut. I’d love to see him find a character, stick to them, and then see what he can do with that.

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