It’s a bit hard to include what’s on your Kindle but I’m reading The Glimpses of the Moon by Edmund Crisp on it. I have Men at Arms all lined up too.

I spent a bit of time today trying to get organised. I’ve put some of the proofs that really want to read for their release into calendar (none of these are in this pile). This is a double edged-sword I found a couple that were coming out sooner than I thought but conversely I’ve booked up my reading for the next couple of months.

The pile above includes two for The Readers, my SF Masterworks read, one for LGBT History Month, a book that’s out on the 14th, my poetry book and a classic.

I think I’m in for some interesting reading.

What’s on your TBR right now?

8 Thoughts on “My current TBR

  1. That’s a big pile to commit to. I might put together little piles to aim for for the week ahead but I am useless at reading to a schedule. I am meant to be finishing my book group read for Monday bu I am finding lots to do online instead…and I have managed to read a wholke other book in procrastination!

    • Gav Reads on 10 February, 2013 at 6:27 pm said:

      It is but then it’s not as if it’s a chore… well maybe it feels a little bit like one. I find the internet a wonderful distraction from doing anything but look at cat pictures…

  2. I really want to get my hands on the Adam Roberts collection.

  3. That is quite a selection – how long do you reckon all that will take you? I don’t tend to plan my TBR so much, I have a couple of review copies that I’d like to read in the next month but otherwise read mostly by whim. Interested to hear what you make of the Camilla Lackberg, that’s the only one in the series that I haven’t really enjoyed.

    • Gav Reads on 10 February, 2013 at 6:29 pm said:

      Time is relative? I guess that’s about 6 weeks of reading…. Re Lackberg it kind of got skipped when it was published as it was in trade when the paperback of the next one was on R&J Bookclub. I’m hoping it won’t put me off…

  4. Good haul! I’ve a pretty big TBR pile to go through (http://www.mithrilwisdom.com/2013/01/the-tbr-tower-2013-part-1-review-copies.html) plus I’ve now got Scourge of the Betrayer and the latest Dark Tower novel to read (I’ll probably hold fire on The Dark Tower and do a series readthrough).


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