Here are this year’s winners of The Kischies

“Celebrating progressive, intelligent and entertaining genre literature”

The Red Tentacle (Novel), judged by Rebecca Levene, Patrick Ness and Jared Shurin:


● Jesse Bullington, The Folly of the World (Orbit)
● Nick Harkaway, Angelmaker (William Heinemann) WINNER!
● Frances Hardinge, A Face Like Glass (Macmillan Children’s)
● Adam Roberts, Jack Glass (Gollancz)
● Julie Zeh (translated by Sally-Ann Spencer), The Method (Harvill Secker)

The Golden Tentacle (Debut):


● Madeline Ashby, vN (Angry Robot)
● Jenni Fagan, The Panopticon (William Heinemann)
● Rachel Hartman, Seraphina (Doubleday)
● Karen Lord, Redemption in Indigo (Jo Fletcher Books) WINNER!
● Tom Pollock, The City’s Son (Jo Fletcher Books)

The Inky Tentacle (Cover Art), judged by Lauren O’Farrell, Gary Northfield and Ed Warren:

Boy bear boat

● Tom Gauld, Costume Not Included by Matthew Hughes (Angry Robot)
● Oliver Jeffers, The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne (Doubleday)
● Dave Shelton, A Boy and a Bear in a Boat by Dave Shelton (David Fickling Books) WINNER!
● Peter Mendelsund, The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus (Granta)
● La Boca, The Teleportation Accident by Ned Beauman (Sceptre)

The Black Tentacle (Special Award Category):

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5 Thoughts on “Award Winners: The Kitschies 2013

  1. Well, I got one of three right in my guesses. I’ve heard such wonderful things about Karen Lord, and am loving her latest, The Best of All Possible Worlds, so I suspected she would pick up this win.

    I was torn between predicting for Angelmaker and Jack Glass because of the buzz I’ve read on each. I’m happy for Harkaway just for what I’ve read of this novel.

    Not thrilled with the art choice. I think the cover for The Teleportation Accident is much better. The winner is the kind of clever understated cover that I can see people voting for but for all the wrong reasons (clearly only my opinion). I wouldn’t buy a book with that cover on it unless I already knew I loved the author and would love the book. Even then I’d probably opt to borrow it from the library rather than spending money on it.

    • Gav Reads on 27 February, 2013 at 4:56 pm said:

      I had great fun reading Redemption in Indigo and speaking to the author for The Readers Podcast ( – it’s something different from the norm, which is sorely needed in SFF. Need to read her next one.

      I’ve not read Nick’s book yet. Or Jack Glass though I really need to rectify that.

      I’m with you re The Teleportation Accident – the cover was outstanding.

      But all the short list I think really showed a different face of SFF to the world.

      • I agree about it showing a different face and I like that. I’m very fond of “traditional” science fiction and am not a person who “needs” science fiction to look wildly different over time. I’m all for a good story. That being said, I think this crop of writers is an example of how good stories can be told in a variety of ways and still fit snugly under the banner of ‘science fiction/fantasy’.

        I also liked the variety of the cover images short-listed.

  2. Having read both Angelmaker and Jack Glass in the novel category I would put the Adam Roberts book in the lead (it’ll definitely be in my Hugo nominations in March). Nick Harkaway’s is a great romp, and his use of language is always excellent, but I think Roberts has the edge: he tells you what he’s going to do at the beginning of the book and you are left wondering how he’s going to manage it, and yet, somehow, he does.

  3. I’m really excited to read Redemption In Indigo and Jack Glass. Have to say I don’t know much about Angelmaker, so will definitely be looking into it after this win. I am with Carl on the winning cover – it’s definitely not something that would grab me if I spotted it on display, and that is saying something because I have minimal restraint when it comes to impulse buying based on pretty cover art.

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