“Shadows on the Wolverine tells the story of an adventurer who travels deep into unexplored Alaskan territory to discover that native legends are real and have come to life. The story unfolds through diaries, newspaper clippings, letters and apocrypha. It is inspired by an actual 1885 military expedition.”

(Via: Tinder buys second from Snow Child author | The Bookseller)

I had did a big cheer when I read this earlier today. I loved The Snow Child and Simon and I were lucky enough to interview Eowyn as part of the The Readers. So I was looking forward to hearing what was coming next. I didn’t know what it would be but I wasn’t expecting this: native legends coming to life – I’m in!!! 

But the downside:

The publication date is still to be confirmed.

I can wait. Just. 

2 Thoughts on “Coming Soon: Shadows on the Wolverine by Eowyn Ivey

  1. Fantastic news! I loved The Snow Child and I’ve been looking forward to more books from her.

  2. Only a few books make me want to search around the cover after finishing to,see if there is just a little bit more! The Snow Child was such a book. Am hoping Shafows on the Wolverine will be published soon! Thank you, Eowyn.i

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