Last night saw the launch of The Lowest Heaven edited by Anne C. Perry & Jared Shurin at the National Maritime Museum as part of theirĀ Visions of the Universe exhibition:

Each story in The Lowest Heaven is themed around a body in the Solar System, from the Sun to Halley’s Comet. The stories are illustrated with photographs and artwork selected from the archives of the Royal Observatory, while the book’s cover and overall design are the work of award-winning South African illustrator Joey Hi-Fi.

The Lowest Heaven is released as a limited edition hardcover on 13 June 2013, exclusively available at the National Maritime Museum. The paperback and eBook will follow on 3 July.Though after last night’s turn out I’m not sure how many of the limited editions will be left. Three of the authors read extracts from their work to convince members of the wavering crowd.

I’m very pleased to have got my copy last night signed by lots of the wonderful authors:


If you just want to read the stories or want a slightly cheaper physical object both of those will be available at the start of July so there really is no excuse is there?

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