Sibilant Fricative

The estimable Ian Whates, and more specifically his excellent NewCon Press, are going to publish a collection of my sf-related non-fiction. This is confected of various items, including a fair few of the less disposable Punkadiddle pieces, some of which (it turns out! who knew!) are quite lengthy; and the collection will be available soon.  It will be called Sibilant Fricative, see, and when it comes out I’ll use this blog for minimum-efficiency promotion, see. 

Sibilant Fricative: So what’s the deal, here?

Adam Roberts writes intelligently about SFF and related things. Looking forward to getting my hands on this collection. 

2 Thoughts on “Cover Art: Sibilant Fricative by Adam Roberts (NewCon Press)

  1. ghastly cover though!

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