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Now is this a spoiler?

Fast forward 15 years, readers will be shocked to find out (early on) in the latest novel that Bridget is now a widow, looking after two little Darcys.

Still worried about her weight, how much she smokes and whether one more glass of wine would be too many, it is in many ways the same Bridget who has built up an adoring fandom since coming to life in 1995.

(Via Mr Darcy is dead: Bridget Jones returns as a single mother of two – News – Books – The Independent)

Of course, it’s sad that Bridget Jones is now a widow but as a fictional character I’m excited how she’ll be living her life after time and the world has moved on since The Edge of Reason especially as Mark Darcey will play a different role in her life.


Bridget Jones
Mad About the Boy
by Helen Fielding

Out 10 Oct 2013

One Thought on “News: I Wasn’t Too Excited About The New Bridget Jones Until…

  1. I am still in shock that Mark Darcy is dead to be honest. I can’t really imagine why the book is taking such a turn. o.O
    But you are right that it will now be interesting to see how Bridget handles this new chapter in her life.

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