Shorter Fiction Review: By the Silver Water by Lake Champlain by Joe Hill (2012)

Title: By the Silver Water by Lake Champlain
Author: Joe Hill
Source:  Shadow Show: All-New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury

One Word Review: Shattering

One Line Review: A tale of childhood imagination, squabbling, parental disinterest and dinosaurs that manages to be science fiction, fantasy and reality tale all at the same time.

One Paragraph Review: You know those pictures that change when you look at them? The old/young women is a classic example. Well Joe Hill does something in the opening pages that reframes the scene in such a subtle and impressive way as he shows the power of a child’s imagination to reshape reality but he doesn’t stop there: on a beach two children find a plank of wood that turns into piece of a destroyed ship back into a bit of driftwood again. But you’re not sure which version is real. What really devastated me by the end was the struggle they had to be believed and the power-play that their siblings and parents played with the own conflicting realities.


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