Shorter Fiction Review: Death Ship by Richard Matheson (1953)

Title: Death Ship
Author: Richard Matheson
Source: The Time Traveller’s Almanac edited by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer

One Word Review: Loopy

One Line Review: A sidestepping of causality looping with mind bending consequences.

One Paragraph Review: I think the opening story sets the tone for this collection as it plays with expected outcome cause and effect. A spaceship on a mission to find life beyond Earth, and they find it but not what they expected. They find a ship on an alien planet and they go to investigate. The only bit that really threw me out of the story was the casual way they removed their helmets. But as an exploration of an idea sets the tone for the rest of an anthology on time travel really well, especially with the hellish twist at the end.

Postscript: An interview with editor Ann VanderMeer is going live on Tuesday!

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