Shorter Fiction Review: Equoid: a Laundry Novella by Charles Stross (2013)

Title: Equoid: a Laundry Novella
Author: Charles Stross
Source: (also coming out physically in late 2014 from Subterranean Press)

One Word Review: Disturbing.

One Line Review: Unicorns aren’t what you think.

One Paragraph Review: This is a welcome novella-length story in Charles Stross’s Laundary series. Stross presents a Lovecraftian-inspired explanation for unicorns by sending agent Bob Howard out into the countryside to liaise with suspicious vet. In his briefing material is a deathbed confession by H.P. Lovecraft in which he describes his own unicorn encounter. The threat of infestation forces Howard to act and poke the nest (as they are an infestation) and that leads to some great scenes including some very stern horse husbandry by an oblivious farmers wife, a zombie appearance, and a disturbing explanation for the unicorn’s horn.


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