Shorter Fiction Review: Goblin Fruit by Laini Taylor (2009)

Title:  Goblin Fruit
Author: Laini Taylor
Source: Lips Touch published by Hodder Books

One Word Review: Tasty.

One Line Review: Laini invokes an sense of danger and the forbidden by allow Kizzy to fall for a new boy at school.

One Paragraph Review:  There is something I want to say about the ending and I can’t but when you get there you’ll wonder if you’d make the same choice. That makes Goblin Fruit braver and more curious  than I was expecting as I wonder why Laini did it that way. It’s a brief tale of a temptation when a new boy comes to school and Kizzy, with her old family ways like burying grandmothers with swans wings,  becomes completely infatuated with him despite the warnings and the obvious consequences. Laini Taylor is becoming a favourite of mine for mixing love stories  and the vivid realism she creates as she blends fantasy with reality.

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