Shorter Fiction Review: Life So Dear Or Peace So Sweet by C. C. Finlay (2010)

Title: Life So Dear Or Peace So Sweet
Author: C. C Finlay
Source: The Way of the Wizard published by Prime Books

One Word Review: Foggy.

One Line Review: A touch of magic is brought to the American Civil War in a tale of a hunt for missing ships.

One Paragraph Review: It’s nice to see witchcraft and magic brought to a Colonial American setting (it’s new to this reader at least ) We’re introduced to magic on the high seas and to Proctor Brown and Deborah Walcott who are sent on their secret mission by George Washington. What’s done really well over so few pages is describing a magic scheme, the professional relationship of our protagonists (and the teasing of a potential private one) and giving them a mystery to solve that has some nice surprises. Though at first I didn’t get the tiger, oh yes there is a tiger, but at the end it made sense but I’m still not sure where we all ended up. What it has left me with is a compulsion to read more and to read The Patriot Witch and Traitor to the Crown Trilogy.

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