Shorter Fiction Review: The Psammophile by Maria Dahvana Headley (2013)

Title: The Psammophile
Author: Maria Dahvana Headley
Source: Unlikely Story

One Word Review: Igniting.

One Line Review: A letter that turns from a curiosity to an obsessive compulsion and you may wonder where the author has got their love of strange objects from.

One Paragraph Review: The power of a short story over a novel is that it allows authors to play. They don’t need to keep an idea going for 400 pages and in this case who has heard of a 400 page letter? But it’s a letter addressed to ‘My Dearest Sir,’ which seems to start with a mutual love of strange objects and turns into something a little more potent. Headley explains on her website that this would be what it’s like to receive a love letter from her. Now, out of the blue, this letter would I think slightly terrify me with it’s intensity but if you shared the passion I can see the flames igniting the parchment.

Postscript: If you visit Maria’s blog you’ll find out who it might be about.

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