SFR: Do As Thou Wilt… by Storm Constantine (2012)

Title: Do As Thou Wilt…
Author: Storm Constantine
Source: Magic: An Anthology of Esoteric and Arcane edited by Jonathan Oliver

One Word Review: Hopeful.

One Line Review: When an old regret comes back to the fore Leah Metcalfe has to face an old love and the magic she abandoned and Storm comments on relationships, magic, and business.

One Paragraph Review: If you didn’t think that people in the ‘real’ world practice magic the opening  few paragraphs set you straight. Two old friends meet for a chat before getting on to the subject of Leah’s affair and how that has (or hasn’t depending on their view) eaten away at her. It’s a commentary on taking the good and the bad of life  – and abandoning things doesn’t mean you escape from them. Conversely, even if you know things are bad for you why do you stay? Storm gives a glimmer of ‘real’ magic. It may not contain the smoothest transitions as characters are maybe a little too accommodating but as a commentary it’s got a worthy and non-preaching message.

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