SFR: Mono no Aware by Ken Lui (2012)

future_is_japaneseTitle:  Mono no Aware (2012)
Author: Ken Lui
Source: The Future is Japanese

One Word Review: Sweet

One Line Review: A threat to Earth sends of 1000 people from Earth and Lui deftly navigates the present and the past to give us someone to care about.

One Paragraph Review: Until I got to the end I was hoping that this would be an episodic piece as we’re transported to a ship that is traveling near the speed of light to a destination outside our solar system (61 Virgins) and it makes a good setting to dip into to see how they are getting on. But Lui is focusing on the child of Hiroto as he ends up on this ship and the part he plays when he gets there. I’m a little sad it was so short as I’d liked to have seen what Lui would do with the other people on the ship though the relationship element  sadly does boarder on saccharine.

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