SFR: Ozioma the Wicked by Nnedi Okorafor (2013)

Title: ‘Ozioma the Wicked’
Author: Nnedi Okorafor
Source: Unnatural Creatures: stories chosen by Neil Gaiman with  Maria Dahvana Headley

One Word Review: Telling.

One Line Review: People ostracise what they fear, and Ozioma can talk to snakes, so they fear Ozioma, only call for her help when they are threatened and Nnedi shows how perspectives can change with one act only to be altered again by another.

One Paragraph Review: It’s nice to see a real a tale of a young girl who doesn’t fear what everyone else does even if that means  they leave her alone. What made this tale more surprising is how far the ‘fantasy’ of a girl talking to snakes turns into a ‘reality’. The gold raindrops were a little bit too fantastical for me but a fine folk tale all the same.

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