SFR: Precious Artefact by Philip K. Dick (1964)

Title: Precious Artefact (1964)
Author: Philip K. Dick
Source: Total Recall/We Can Remember It For You Wholesale by Philip K. Dick

One Word Review: Twisty.

One Line Review: A Martian Engineer visits Earth to check out a suspicion and P.K. uses this to look at illusions and what we consider precious.

One Paragraph Review: This is my first Philip K. Dick short story and my expectations where dry and obscure and I was pleasantly surprised that I got the opposite. I was engaged with the main character’s dilemma though he makes curious decisions which boil down to ‘do you want to live?’ I liked the twist as he’s not as deluded as I thought he was going to be at the beginning. I’ll definitely be reading some more of his shorts.

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