SFR: Ripple in the Dirac Sea by Geoffrey Landis (1988)

TTATitle: Ripple in the Dirac Sea (1988)
Author: Geoffrey Landis
Source: The Time Traveller’s Almanac edited by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer

One Word Review: Clever

One Line Review: Asks, what are the consequences of time travel?, and illustrates those in a twisty three-thread narrative.

One Paragraph Review: As a second story of the almanac it throws you in the deep-end of the theories in time travel but it also gives you lots of buoyancy aids. It teases you with ‘Notes for Lecture on Time Travel’, with the author’s most revisited moment in history and time spent in the ‘present’. It’s one of those stories that becomes clearer and clearer the more pieces that are set down before you see the inevitable. Even if some of the ‘science’ gets confusing the consequences are plain.

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