SFR: The Deeps of the Sky by Elizabeth Bear (2013)

Edge of Infinity Title: The Deeps of the Sky
Author: Elizabeth Bear
Source: Edge of Infinity ed. Jonathan Strahan.

One Word Review: Soaring.

One Line Review: What starts with an completely and almost incomprehensibly alien on a mission on the atmosphere of a planet takes on a new meaning when an new object arrives, which gives Bear the opportunity to flip a well trodden scenario.

One Paragraph Review: How do I review this without spoiling the reveal? I can say that I’m going to re-read it in a couple of days to see if I understand the alien any better, I’m not sure I’m meant to, but I think Bear does as it’s full of so many wonderful details about how they  float above what might a planet, though I’m really not sure. And does what a good short story does. Makes you think and makes you want to read it again to get more details now you see the shape of it,  though I am left partly confused and partly satisfied (I got the main point hence the satisfaction).

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