SFR: The Education of a Witch by Ellen Klages (2012)

Title: The Education of a Witch
Author: Ellen Klages
Source: The Best of Science Fiction and Fantasy Vol. Seven edited by Jonathan Strahan.

One Word Review: Sympathetic

One Line Review: Reminds me of Matilda though the special child in this case loves witches not books.

One Paragraph Review: Reading The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter had already changed how I see fairytales after years of seeing the Disney-filtered ones. Earlier this year I read Poison by Sarah Pinborough, who in her own way challenges those same Disney-filters (don’t get me wrong I love Disney but they cleanse things), so I’ve already seen an ‘evil’ character differently. But if you haven’t I challenge you to read The Education of a Witch and not see Lizzy’s love of Maleficent as a positive thing. Of course, those around her don’t and that’s where societies beliefs damage us and how easily if turns us. Oh, and the magic here is slight but so significant.


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