SFR: The Thirteen Texts of Arthyria by John R. Fultz (2010)

Other Worlds Than TheseTitle:  The Thirteen Texts of Arthyria
Author: John R. Fultz
Source: Other Worlds Than These ed. John Joseph Adams

One Word Review: Compact

One Line Review: Finding the first book leads Jeremy to complete a quest across worlds in amazingly short 18 pages.

One Paragraph Review: I’m impressed with the scale of what Fultz attempted with this short story and how he pulled it off. The main character reads a series of volumes in The One True World, but as he reads each one things change around him change and he goes further and further away from our world, pealing back layers, showing us different worlds. And for such a brief story it’s a testament how much is world is built and quest is achieved. It’s a slightly cliché in terms of hero-meets-queen-while-on-quest but enjoyable and different nonetheless.

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