SFR: What Lies Beneath by George Mann (2009)

the-casebook-of-newbury-and-hobbes-cover-smallTitle:  What Lies Beneath
Author: George Mann
Source: The Casebook of Newbury and Hobbes: Vol. 1 by George Mann

One Word Review: Classical

One Line Review: The art of letter writing reveals a mans desperation with his guests and allows Mann to craftily emulate a lost style of mystery.

One Paragraph Review: I love Newbury and Hobbes, who are in a way a Steampunk Holmes and Watson, though morphed by Mann into something all their own and the way that Mann makes their relationship work in both novels and shorter fiction is a pleasure. in this case Newbury is visiting man who is getting more and more exasperated by his presence and we see this through a series of letters he writes to an illicit lover. But there is a twist. When Hobbes reads the letters and discusses the case it’s more horrid than the letters could justify. It also does a secondary job of commenting on the arc of Newbury and Hobbes relationship. Can’t wait to dip into the other cases.

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