SFR: Crouch End by Stephen King (1993/1980)

Nightmares & DreamscapesTitle:  Crouch End
Author: Stephen King
Source: Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King

One Word Review: Transgressive

One Line Review: King successfully enters the world of Lovecraft with a woman who reports her husband as missing at a police station.

One Paragraph Review: Two policeman are on the nightshift when a distressed American women comes in telling them the story of how her husband disappeared after they took a cab to Crouch End and find themselves abandoned and lost in a strange desolate series of streets until they heard something strange moaning. To be honest it’s hard to make Lovecraftian-horror terrifying, and this story is chilling, mildly unnerving, haunting but does invoke the sense of terror the main character feels from events. It’s narrated third person watching over the women and one of the young policemen as he’s introduced to the strange events that he hadn’t come across up until now. A worth effort with a nice slippery ending.

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