SFR: Drive by James S. A. Corey (2012)

Edge of Infinity Title:  ‘Drive’
Author: James S. A. Corey
Source: Edge of Infinity ed. by Jonathan Strahan

One Word Review: DVD-extra

One Line Review: The origin story of how space ships in The Expanse universe got to go a little bit fast is a mixed with a  story of love and companionship.

One Paragraph Review: I’ve not read Leviathan’s Wake yet, which is the first novel in this universe, but after reading this short I’m not sure that I’m much wiser about the setting. The only thing that is clear here is that it’s more ‘realistic’ than I’m used to in terms of space travel and exploration. We’re on a colony on Mars and time scales for Earth sending ships is given in months rather than hours or days which took me back a bit showing how much I’m used to the idea of faster travel. The collection’s theme is about the next big leap from Earth into our Solar system and ‘Drive’  describes when became available but at a cost. It’s sweet and romantic (which distracts slightly from everything else for me if I’m honest) as it tells the formation and continuation of a relationship. You also get to see snipped of politics and threats to Mars colony from Earth and the pressures that could be applied to get Earth’s way in negotiations. I’ve called it a DVD-extra as I think you have already introduced to The Expanse rather than take this as your first experience.

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