SFR: Payment Due by Francis Hardinge (2012)

Under My HatTitle:  Payment Due
Author: Francis Hardinge
Source: Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron ed by Jonathan Strahan

One Word Review: Sharp

One Line Review: When a girl’s gran can’t afford her bills her granddaughter takes revenge, which Hardinge does in an imaginative way.

One Paragraph Review: This 15 page short introduces us to a girl who lives with her gran and while at school her gran lets in a bailiff. What happens from there shows Hardinge has a bit of a twisted streak. The granddaughter takes matters into her own hands and well…sorts it out. A nice little twist happens as it veers off into a more magical direction than I expected. The ending line is perhaps a little too mirroring but Haringe doesn’t seem the sentimental sort. My first Hardinge but not my last as I’ve been hearing lots of very good things for a while.

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