SFR: Wildfire in Manhattan by Joanne Harris (2010)

A Cat, a Hat and a Piece of StringTitle: ‘Wildfire in Manhattan’
Author: Joanne Harris
Source: A Cat, a Hat and a Piece of String by Joanne Harris

One Word Review: Positive 

One Line Review: Harris gives us a gentle reminder that it’s always a good idea to ask a damsel if she needs saving.

One Paragraph Review: We’re dropped into a world where gods wear Aspects to walk among us and the aspect of wildfires meets his brother as they are reconnected with an ancient danger in modern day Manhattan. I think this is set in the same setting as Runemarks – at least I hope it is because as I was reading I was thinking I’d like to see more of this idea. The fun aspect was the idea of rune magic and it was more flingy than Tolkien. But mostly it shows men being all protective  and ‘manly’ disregarding if the person they are protecting actually needs their help. I don’t think that spoils it but might give you something to think about as you read it.

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