As you can see from the graphic Random Penguin (we all know that’s what they should have called themselves) have teamed up with Hive, who already support independent bookshops, to  allow readers to create their own twelve-book mini online bookshop but the brilliant bit is that every sale will generate a little bit of income for the independent bookshop they’ve chosen to link too.

They’ve called it My Independent Bookshop.


Author Terry Pratchett, who has connected his online bookshop to the tiny Hayling Island Bookshop in Hampshire, said: “Independent bookshops supported this jobbing genre author long before the geeks were let out of their wardrobes, being able to support these talented retail wizards through ‘My Independent Bookshop’ is a very, very good thing. The personal aspect of sharing recommendations in your own online shop gives readers the ability to discover surprising new worlds in an interesting way. Go on, have a virtual rummage around – you’ll never know what you might find.”

I’ve created one though keep fiddling with the books; choosing only twelve is hard. Good fun though.

Here’s mine:



If you create one or have created one please leave a link in the comments :)



9 Thoughts on “News: My Independent Bookshop Launches

  1. Well I just discovered via your shop that you can’t pre-order. Tells me The City of Silk and Steel is out of stock.

  2. I’m having a go but struggling a) to limit myself to the small number of books, and b) browse in a meaningful way. I can see lots of authors have set up shop & kudos to the guy who is just showcasing his own books ;-)

  3. You have some great books on your shelves! I just set mine up this past weekend at Check it out.

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