SFR: Jack Shade in the Forest of Souls by Rachel Pollack

Fantasy&ScienceFiction-201207_thumb[7]Rachel Pollack presents a shamanic noir 14,447 word novelette and introduces us to the Traveller and private eye Jack Shade, who also appears in a more recent tale ‘The Queen of Eyes’ and at least one more to come. He’s also in a short (short) story on Rachel’s website.

I was going to pick up her new book The Child Eater but I got sidetracked (temporally) by hearing about this in a recent interview.

In ‘Forest of Souls’  Jack is called from a card game by a man who posses his business card and Jack goes to investigate how he obtained it.

I love a good ‘urban detective’ and was curious how shamanic noir would turn out. I loved it. This case involves a visit to the forest of souls through a very curious entrance and a mystery that isn’t what it first seems. It is relatively short so it can be read in one sitting andJack Shade has lots of curiosity to explore in future stories.

I was a little surprised that Rachel Pollack would write a classic-feeling noir but I wasn’t surprised that she’d write it well or inject a lot of mysticism into it as I’ve read a lot of her thoughtful non-fiction (mostly tarot-related). I have high hopes for The Child Eater and Jack’s next case.

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