What I’ve Been Reading #2

I haven’t had much time to read the last couple of weeks, due to a new job and responsibilities, but when I have the time I’ve found it a bit of a struggle and I think that’s down to what I’m reading.

Night Lamp by Jack Vance

Don’t get me wrong Night Lamp by Jack Vance is an interesting book and I am enjoying it but it’s not built for speed. I’m going to carry on reading it but I might have to read something else interlaced with it. It’s one of those books where the pages don’t fly by.  I know it’s not meant to but as I’m feeling a little time poor but the pace is sapping the enjoyment just a little bit.

As far as the story goes at the moment it’s about an adopted ‘alien’ boy who wants to head back into space to find some answers about his childhood while his adoptive parents try to dissuade him to stick to the academic path they’ve set him on. I’m a bit eager for him to get to the bit when he leaves so I hope this ‘scene setting’ pays off.

I’ve finished my Harry Potter of the Philosopher’s Stone reread and it’s amazing how different it felt reading it this time. It’s still Harry Potter but it’s like reading an abridged version. It might be because in later books Rowling goes into the class room lessons in detail and builds the relationships between characters in a lot more depth. But here that level of detail is missing. Part of me wants Rowling to go back and right an expanded edition using all she’s learnt from writing the rest of the series and part of me thinks it is what it is.

And that’s it really. It doesn’t mean I haven’t bought more books as you can never have too many can you? I just need to find more time to read them.

What are you reading at the moment? You finding it swift or a struggle?

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