What I’ve Been Reading #5

A return trip this weekend into mid-Wales meant I could have some audiobook time on the 5-hour drive. So I listened to three-odd hours of Good Omens – the BBC Radio 4 Dramatisation. 


I’m a huge fan of Good Omens. I first read it as a library book as a 16-year old. I’ve listened to the Stephen Briggs narration relevantly  recently and fell in love all over again. As a huge fan I’m not sure that the dramatisation hit all the beats that the source material does. I still have an hour to go before it finishes so it might all turn round for me. It does capture some of what goes on but for me it does miss the narrative voice which makes Good Omens into Good Omens.

Saying that there is lots to love. The voices sound right for the most part. It all makes sense. This is why I’m bad at seeing movie versions of books. I’d rather read the source material.

Lots of long days mean I’ve not got too much further on Sabriel but as it’s going to be my ebook I’ve picked and started my physical read, which is The Autumn Republic. I’m very eager to see if Brian McClellan can bring his story to a satisfying conclusion.


Oh and I’ve read the intro to Tales from the Vatican Vaults. I’m trying to decide if I want to read it in order, which I probably will or go to my favourite author first?  Sorry to tease but it’s not out until August.vaticanvaults

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