What I’ve Been… #8

… Reading

I finally finished ‘The Star Pit’ by Samuel R. Delany. It was signed off in October 1965 though as far as I can find out it was Delany’s first published story. It was published in Feb 1967 in Worlds of Tomorrow though I read it in Aye, and Gomorrah, and other stories. I’ve enjoyed his non-fiction in the form of About Writing but this is my first of his fiction. I have Babel-17 (1966) and Dhalgren (1975) on the shelves ready but I worry I’m not going to find them accessible as an introduction. I might just keep working my way through this collection before moving on to his novels.

’The Star Pit’ a longer short story and it tackles polyamorous relationships, human evolution, abandonment, loss, death, and other big themes, which it does by focusing on a mechanic in a spaceport as he confronts what’s happened in his life. As a first published story I can see why Delany is a good writer. It’s definitely a good introduction.

I’m still reading The House of Shattered Wings. It’s gothic, claustrophobic and utterly enchanting. I’m so worried that I’m going to get to the end and be disappointed. But that’s because I’m loving it so much. I’ve seen reviews already which have said good things so I’m very hopeful.

… Thinking About the Hugos

But only for a minute or so. Good sense of the voters prevailed.

Adding the TBR

I’m trying to slow down the amount of books I buy as I always go over my book budget (as I have this month) but I’m still up for a bargain. Resistance Is Futile by Jenny T. Colgan was 99p on Kindle a couple of days ago. I got as far as the prologue and the opening paragraph of chapter one before hitting buy. I’m curious about the mix of SF and humour. Anyone read it yet?

What have you been reading this week?

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